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Biceps: Do They Actually Matter?

“F%$& the legs, let’s bench!”


A standard adage among the many batch of males who prioritize a jacked higher physique over the quads, hamstrings, and ass.


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(Contemplating the variety of males I come throughout with hen legs to go together with their large pecks and biceps, clearly, there’s one thing to that coaching type.)


Then alongside got here CrossFit, or practical health, or no matter we’re calling it now—a crowd of posterior chain fanatics who’ve by no means as soon as uncared for the legs. I keep in mind occurring my first date with a CrossFit man and his first praise to me was: “You’ve got a very good hamstring line.”


Actually not what the “f%$& the legs, let’s bench dude” would have advised me.


All of this posterior chain work, nonetheless, meant that the practical health people, particularly within the earlier CrossFit days, just about uncared for the bench press solely. In the meantime, bicep curls had been the laughing inventory of the group.


However why?


Biceps matter, and never only for aesthetics. They matter for actual, practical actions. Like pull-ups and muscle-ups. There’s a purpose the 2013 CrossFit Video games Champion Sam Briggs’ (recognized for her pulling energy) IG deal with is BicepsLikeBriggs.


After I labored with gymnastics coach Louise Eberts (@louiseebertsgymnastics) to enhance my muscle-ups a few years in the past, she added bicep curls to my program they usually made all of the distinction. Muscle-ups had been by no means my robust go well with, however they received a complete lot higher as soon as I began engaged on my biceps.


Alas, in case you’re seeking to construct your biceps, listed here are 5 workouts past simply conventional bicep curls that can translate to extra than simply trying nice on the seashore.


1. The Zottman Curl

That is type of like a bicep curl, however with a twist. It includes doing a bicep curl as normal with a supine grip however then rotating your palms downward by flipping your fingers 180 levels on the prime of the curl and slowly reducing the DB with a susceptible grip. That is nice for not simply the biceps, but additionally to your forearms.




2. Hammer Curl

Throughout this curl, preserve your palms dealing with your torso and lift the DB till your forearms and higher arms are at an roughly 90-degree angle. Ensure you preserve your elbows near your physique and reduce dishonest by holding it at strict as potential.



three. Slender-Grip Strict Chin-Ups

Although we regularly think about chin-ups to work the lats, in addition they have nice advantages for the biceps, particularly in case you apply them with a narrower grip.



four. Bent Over Barbell Row

As soon as once more, we consider rowing as being extra to your lats than your biceps, however in case you’re pulling, then your biceps are lively. The barbell row is nice for the biceps as you’ll have the ability to elevate significantly extra on this motion than with a conventional bicep curl. As you pull, take into consideration pulling your elbows behind you after which maintain for a second on the prime earlier than controlling the burden again down.



5. Flexed Arm Carries

Form of like a farmer carry, however with a flexed arm. They’re nice not just for constructing the biceps but additionally to bulletproof your joints, which can assist whenever you get into actions like pull-ups, as they are often strenuous on the shoulder and elbow joints.



Biceps matter. Not simply on the seashore, however in life. So, don’t overlook about them.

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