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How you can Repair Your Bench Press, In response to an Knowledgeable

The bench press is known. It’s by no means been changed as a measure of power. Nonetheless, for as a lot upper-body muscle that it has helped construct, it’s additionally been the wrongdoer behind simply as many accidents, akin to strained tendons and torn rotator cuffs. The reason being pretty easy: If the bar hits your chest while you’re urgent, you’re probably in danger.

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Many males do that, and it’s typically extra of an issue as they become older and fewer cell. When the bar drops absolutely to the chest, the elbows splay out on the backside of the motion. Lifting the barbell off the chest from that place locations a ton of strain on the shoulder joint. And going all the way in which down doesn’t make a distinction for muscle-building—it might probably truly damage it.



To learn how far down the bar ought to go, stand holding a brush deal with or PVC pipe in each arms, arms stretched out in entrance of chest. Holding elbows near physique, draw deal with (or pipe) towards chest. Cease simply earlier than elbows start to splay—most likely just a few inches above chest. That’s as little as it is best to go while you’re bench urgent to keep away from harm.

This methodology truly ensures you’re doing extra to maintain your focused muscle teams below rigidity, which in flip promotes extra muscle constructing.

The bench press is a weightlifting transfer that you are able to do all of your life—however provided that you’re doing it proper.

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