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Select the Proper Weight Class for Olympic Weightlifting

A weightlifter ought to try to be within the optimum weight class for his or her physique to have the ability to carry out the perfect they’ll. It may actually be the distinction between a podium end and a mid-field end. The physique weight class that an athlete competes in will largely rely upon their present physique weight and physique fats ranges. The lifter will wish to have as a lot muscle on their body as they’ll to boost their power potential whereas being comparatively lean to extend energy output.


The Physique in House

Many research have proven that in sports activities the place the physique strikes via area, as in weightlifting, a better share of physique fats has been proven to lower athletic efficiency. Considered one of these research examined younger males with completely different ranges of physique fats on a lot of efficiency exams to find out the connection of physique fats with efficiency. The determine under reveals the outcomes of those efficiency exams—particularly trying on the standing lengthy bounce which is an evaluation of energy output.


leadership in fitness - Select the Proper Weight Class for Olympic Weightliftingchoose the right weight class for olympic weightlifting - Select the Proper Weight Class for Olympic Weightlifting


The desk under reveals that there’s lower of efficiency in relation to excessive physique fats ranges. It’s not unreasonable to imagine that energy output will increase the leaner the athlete is. One motive for that is that muscle is metabolically lively—it could possibly contract to supply drive whereas physique fats is inactive and its main use is to retailer vitality. The much less physique fats an athlete has, the much less drive is required to maneuver inactive physique mass via area. Though efficiency might be hindered if that is taken too far and physique fats ranges are taken to unhealthy ranges.



Efficiency Take a look at Outcomes

Physique Fats %

Low (

Average  (10-15%)

Excessive (>15%)

75 Yard Sprint




220 Yard Sprint



Standing Lengthy Soar




The impact of relative physique fats on choose efficiency exams in younger males (sum of three trials). Tailored from Riendeau, et al (1958).1


Physique fats might be simply measured and, from this info together with weight, a coach/athlete can calculate what weight an athlete can safely obtain. Physique fats might be not directly measured via a skinfold caliper, which measures skinfold fats thickness at a number of websites wherein the worth obtained can be utilized to estimate relative physique fats. As soon as the physique fats share has been decided then the burden of fat-free mass (muscle, bone, organs) might be calculated with a view to decide what an athlete ought to weigh at a particular physique fats share. An instance is given under with the calculations used.




Physique Fats Share


Fats Weight

14.4kg                                (weight x 18 %)

Fats-Free Weight

65.6kg                            (weight – fats weight)

Physique Fats Share Purpose

12%                                    (= 88% fat-free)

Weight Purpose

74.5kg                         (fat-free weight / 88%)

Weight Loss Purpose

5.5kg                          (weight – weight purpose)


How one can Drop Physique Weight

Decreasing physique weight is a course of that has three completely different parts; the burden misplaced primarily via discount of physique fats, weight misplaced via glycogen depletion, and weight misplaced via water misplaced via perspiration. Many of the weight needs to be misplaced via discount of physique fats and glycogen shops within the physique. This may be performed by mild weight-reduction plan with the intention of lowering meals amount to elicit a small calorie discount however not a lot that it leaves the athlete hungry all through the day. Junk meals needs to be eradicated or no less than minimalized throughout this era. Solely a small calorie deficit needs to be performed in order that it doesn’t have an effect on the athlete’s power or efficiency ranges. The athlete ought to intention to be not more than three% over physique weight every week earlier than competitors.  


Within the final week earlier than competitors, protein and fats sources like rooster, beef, eggs, and nuts needs to be favored over carbohydrate sources. Additionally, a aware effort needs to be taken to extend water consumption with a view to encourage perspiration as a result of hormone adjustments that lower water retention.


When carbohydrate meals are ingested by the physique, the physique breaks the meals all the way down to its fundamental parts, considered one of which is glucose. Any glucose not utilized by the physique is then remodeled into glycogen to be saved within the liver and muscle tissues, to be later remodeled again into glucose for vitality. Since weightlifting main makes use of the creatine phosphate vitality system which is liable for offering vitality from the breakdown of creatine then the discount of glycogen within the physique won’t have an effect on weightlifting efficiency on single lifts however it might have an effect on restoration between lifts.


Time for Competitors

With the discount of glycogen shops, the athlete will see a discount in physique weight due glycogen being hooked up to water molecules. Particularly for each 1g of glycogen saved, 3g of water is saved with it. It’s not uncommon for an athlete to lose 1-3kg via this course of.


The athlete desires to be not more than zero.5kg chubby by the point they go to mattress the night time earlier than the competitors, wherein case the remaining weight can be misplaced via water misplaced by perspiration. On the morning of competitors, after weigh in, the athlete ought to drink an isotonic resolution like Powerade or Lucozade to replenish a number of the glycogen shops. They need to additionally eat some meals that they’re used to consuming, ideally sources of protein and carbohydrates. That is to make sure good restoration between lifts.



1. Riendeau, R.P., Welch, B.E., Crisp, C.E., Crowley, L.V., Griffin, P.E., & Brockett, J.E. Relationships of physique fats to motor health check scores. Analysis Quarterly. 1958, 29, 200-203.

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