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The Final Band Pressdown

I positively wish to give credit score the place credit score is due for this train. I didn’t invent it however I did study it from Kassem Hanson. It’s a phenomenal triceps builder. Once I noticed him demo the train I assumed, “That’s sensible! Why didn’t I consider that?”


The train is deceptively easy, however there are a collection of sensible parts that come collectively to make it so efficient.


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It matches the muscle mass energy curve. It counteracts an all too frequent method flaw. The set-up creates a stability. It minimizes harm as a result of it strains the drive up between your shoulders and elbows.


If we look at a straight bar triceps pressdown it has a couple of issues. At lockout individuals are likely to must carry and roll their shoulders place to complete the carry. This shifts stress away from the triceps. Because the set goes on this tends to turn into extra of a difficulty resulting from fatigue.


The fatigue manifests in two methods. Clearly, the triceps are drained however so too are the decrease traps. The decrease traps play an important function in stabilising the shoulder blades. After they get drained they’ll now not management the shoulder blades.


As a consequence, by the top of a set it’s common to see individuals rounding and shrugging their shoulders—and utilizing a ton of physique English to maneuver the burden. All of which does zero for triceps progress, however does practice your ego and beat up your elbows.


A Repair to Shoulder Instability

To enhance on the problems created by the straight bar, individuals typically use a rope attachment to permit for extra freedom of motion. This implies the fingers can transfer aside extra naturally on the finish of the vary. This helps maintain the elbows wholesome, nevertheless it doesn’t repair the problems with shoulder instability.


To repair these points you might want to obtain three key issues:


Create a place the place you’ll be able to stabilize the shoulder blades and promote entice three activation. Align the drive via shoulder, elbow, and wrist in order that no extreme pressure is placed on any of those joints. All the above packaged collectively into an train that matches the energy curve of the triceps.


The Final Band Pressdown does all of this stuff and it means the load is all focused in direction of the triceps.


Particularly, the train achieves this by:



Doing the job of the decrease traps so their energy endurance doesn’t turn into a limiting issue. The bands anchor your shoulders in place and mainly give you an additional set of rubber band decrease traps. Permits a set-up bespoke to your actual physique construction. This facilities the resistance via your shoulder. You aren’t fastened right into a place that’s too slender or too large due to tools limitations. This is a matter most individuals will run into when utilizing customary cable attachments. Extension patterns just like the triceps pressdown, have an ascending energy curve the place you get stronger all through the vary. Utilizing bands matches this completely as a result of their stress will increase all through the motion.


The steady place, synthetic shoulder stability offered, and resistance profile of this train make it an exceptional triceps builder.


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