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True or False: Guys Can Get UTIs

TRUE. Sure, males can get urinary tract infections, however they’re very uncommon, particularly when you consider how usually girls get them. UTIs happen when micro organism journey from exterior the physique and up the urethra, probably reaching the bladder (and in severe instances, the kidneys).

In a wholesome urinary tract, peeing flushes out any micro organism that’s attempting to get in.

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The explanation girls get UTIs extra usually comes right down to biology. For them, the gap between the bladder and the surface world is fairly brief. For males, the gap is for much longer; micro organism must journey the size of the penis to trigger an an infection.

And it’s uncommon that a man would “catch” a UTI from his accomplice. (However intercourse can worsen the an infection for her, so it’s finest to attend till she’s feeling higher.)

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Nonetheless, it’s vital to maintain your urinary tract. Keep hydrated, and should you’re over age 50, have your prostate checked. For males who aren’t capable of empty their bladder totally, which is a symptom of an enlarged prostate, it’s potential for micro organism to get trapped in urine that isn’t absolutely expelled from the physique, which can result in an an infection.

This doesn’t imply it is best to ignore the signs of a UTI, which might embrace ache whereas urinating, a relentless must go to the lavatory, or urine that’s cloudy or the fallacious shade. (It ought to come out pale yellow.) What’s extra seemingly than a UTI is that you’ve a sexually transmitted illness. Don’t panic: Lots of them are simply treatable with remedy, but it surely’s higher to go to the physician sooner moderately than later.

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